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Bite-Sized Truths

Life's Little Munchies

Russell @ One

Sweetie, it's been a whirlwind of a month. We've had to come to terms with the fact that we're never going to have the carefree life that we have grown so accustomed to. Give us some time, okay? We'll get there, I promise.

You just had your first month party today at the National Library; and well... you pretty much snoozed through it all. Everyone who came to see you cooed over you as you peacefully slumbered. You've got a ton of presents to open, most of which you won't recall - don't worry, we'll take the photos for you.

In this past month, you've been to a fair number of places already (no, Mommy didn't adhere to the whole confinement thing).

You've been to the park.

You've been to a host of restaurants (Jones the Grocer, Sushi Tei, Crystal Jade, Lawry's).

You've been to church.

You've been to more shopping malls than Mommy can remember.

You've had your first photoshoot done (you weren't entirely co-operative).

Your jaundice really gave us quite a scare in the initial part of the month - it peaked at 18.1, despite all the sun-tanning we put you through. Thankfully, it settled down when you were about two and a half weeks old. It really pained us to have to subject you to all the heel-prick blood tests (four in total!) and to have to even think that you may have to undergo treatment should your jaundice not subside. Thank God it did.

You've shown us that you are very much your own person already, little as you may be. You've a penchant for teddy bears, cars, animals and birds. You particularly like Bach and Mozart, much more so than Tchaikovsky. You definitely don't like pop music. You really really really like your milk. You are impatient and have a temper - you go from sleeping to screaming for your milk in under one second.

You've been the sweetest baby imaginable, with your coos and giggles. You've also been the most nightmarish of babies with your refusal to function on Singapore time.

You love rotating your legs in a cycling motion and punching the air rapidly with your little fists. Daddy was thrilled/ horrified to see you do that for almost an hour non-stop.

You've got your Grandparents wrapped around your (little) little finger. Every action you do, every sound you make elicits excited outburts from them. Grandma has been more wonderful than imaginable, basically sacrificing all her time and energy to dote on you. We do hope that you remember all this and be a good little boy growing up. You love it especially when Grandma talks to you and Grandpa sings to you. Your little giggle and bright, sunny smile never fail to brighten their day.

In any case, we're so happy to have you in our lives and can't wait to embark on the next phase of the journey together.

Daddy and Mommy

The Birth Story
We named you Russell Aaden Loh Yong En. Russell being red-haired and fiery, Aaden being warmth and Yong En meaning bravery and grace. Our hearts' prayer for you is to be a man of strength, honour and valour, tempered with the grace of God in your life.
You were an active baby throughout the 9 months, and you didn't let us down at your birth!
You were supposed to be born on your maternal Grandpa's birthday but chose to come out on Daddy's birthday instead, some 32 years apart. Daddy had just come back from a business trip in Fuzhou a day earlier and we had just attended a wedding dinner. You didn't seem to move much that day, so we made our way to the hospital to get you checked (the second time we had done that in as many days!). Because of the low frequency of your movements, Dr. Chan sped down from home to see if you were okay - and the minute she showed up, you decided to kick like never before. Everyone took it as a sign that you were ready to make your entry and the next day, you did.
Your birth was pretty easy and uneventful - I spent most of the night and the day joking and laughing with the nurses and doctors. Even your delivery was quick and relatively easy. I didn't have the rush of maternal instincts that I'd read so much about - when Dr. Chan handed you over to me, I shrieked for them to pass you to Daddy instead because you were slimy and smelly. Fortunately, Daddy makes up for whatever lack of parental instincts that I have - he teared and he said it was an earth-shattering moment for him when he first held you in his arms. I felt quite detached from you and that is something that made me feel very guilty. It took me awhile to warm up to you; and sometimes, I still feel quite detached and so envious of mommies who can bond so well with their babies, as if they were born to do so.
Just so we'll always remember, you were 2.52kg at birth, 47cm in length and your head circumference was 32cm.
You were a curious baby from birth - you came out looking up. And shrieking your lungs out. Dr. Chan commented that you seemed to have a loudspeaker instead of a voice-box. This comment was echoed by one of the night nurses who came to our room, asking desperately if she could feed you formula because you were screaming so loudly. You were an impatient and noisy baby - you still are.
Fortunately, you were a cute baby. And such a curious one. You kept opening your eyes and staring at everyone and everything, from your first day in the world.
You took to suckling like a professional. And you were ever such a hungry baby. You knew how to root for the nipple yourself and you had no problems switching effortlessly between the bottle and the breast.
Because of the H1N1 situation at the time, we limited visitors to only family members. Your first visitors were your maternal Grandparents, who came bearing flowers, tonics and an over-abundance of love. Grandma couldn't wait for you to arrive, such that it was her second trip of the day - she actually came by mid-day to see you in the Observation Ward before you had even come out!
You had a touch of jaundice, which gave us a bit of a scare when it kept going up. But, aside from that, the 3D2N that we spent in the hospital went by like a dream. You were doted upon by the nurses, the doctors and everyone who came in contact with you. Everyone was quite sad to see you go home.
You came back to your maternal Grandparents' home, which is where you will be living primarily. You are such a lucky baby, everyone wants the best for you and you are so showered with love. Grandma, Grandpa and Auntie Ann were so excited to welcome you home. Even Brownie had a special bark for his little, new housemate.
I've always been a worrywart and this hasn't changed since you came along. I worry about everything about you, from things now to things future, for things within my control and for things without.
As much as I deny it or try to act tough about it, I adore you and am so lucky to have you come to bless us in our lives. I just need some time to adjust to having to give up my life of independence and freedom. There's a lifetime of adventure ahead of us all and we're so looking forward to growing together as a family.
Remember this at all times: We love you. So very much.